Thanks for stopping by.  The focus of this website is my research activities and I will be concentrating on this initially. I will also be considering the provision of maths support primarily in the area of engineering mathematics and the site will be updated on a regular basis as I add maths tools.


My research interests are primarily in the support of students and how they engage online with the curriculum within an engineering mathematics environment. The pedagogy employed and the various aspects of course design, etc., can be applied in other fields of study. The research began in earnest in 2015 and as data is gathered and the results published the Research page will be populated.


A variety of online resources (some interactive) have been developed and are currently in active use by students.


If you find anything of use here please note that I believe in an open policy and all I ask is that you inform people where the material was sourced from.


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My ORCID ID is http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8863-1410